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New app rewards you for recommending restaurants

Newly-launched Resty app has 40 restaurants on board. It rewards you if you recommend a place to eat. ◂ San Diego's News Source - 10News, KGTV, delivers ...

Learn more about iPad Video Lessons by Ipad Pete

iPad Video Lessons click to visit the official site.

What in my ipad mini 2

Connect iPod Classic to iPad

This video shows how you can use your iPod Classic to back-up Photos and Videos and import to iPad when needed. No jailbreak needed, just as simple file ...

How to Record with Shou ScreenRecorder

WARNING: Only iOS Tutorial, You cannot do this when you have an iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 4, also you need a iOS 7+ version STEPS: 1. Go to Settings 2.

Mom's gift for me. Mom gave me a ipad mini 2

Makan di Mana Apps 1.0

Read the Description for Free download links. New feature for Version 1.1: Add Venue, Flag Report, Add Rating & Review. Available for Android, BlackBerry ...

Cherry Mobile Flare S100 transformed into iPhone's iOS 7

This is a Cherry Mobile Flare S100 transformed into iPhone's iOS 7. Enjoy watching and don't forget to subscribe. :) iPhone and iOS are registered trademarks of ...

Children equipped with life skills, education

In Uganda, one charity is giving hope to disadvantaged children by equipping them with life skills and education. Over 3000 children have passed through ...

『Avabel Online』#31 靠!一直追殺我『團隊PVP戰』

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